Thursday, March 20, 2014

the driveway

 and now.....the moment youve all been waiting for......
drum roll please.....
dun dah dah DUUUNNN

 WHHOOOOAAHOHO crazy driveway!!!
i bet you never imagined a driveway could be so damn exciting. i know i certainly never did. 
but then i got my own driveway and, its like sky diving doesnt even come close. 
thats MY drive way!!
just kiding. 
you can come look at it....

but you have to stay across the street.
 here it is from the left side

here it is from the right side
before driveway


pretty sweet right?

ok, i know what youre thinking: "thats it?"
well no, it will extend much further into the property, that was just sort of the first run, to upgrade and repair the old entry which was just a pile of dirt that went up to the main road. it was at risk of sliding away in the rain at any moment. 

but stay tuned for the NEXT STAGE.
you payed for the whole seat, but you only need the EDGE

WOOOOOOO driveway!

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