Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Well

After sitting idle for almost 20 years the well on the property is flowing once again!

Maybe its not quite as thrilling as The Driveway but that would be unrealistic to expect. lightning never strikes the same place twice...

The fact that there was already a well on the property when I bought it was a huge selling point. I was taking a slight risk though since there was no well report to confirm the water was drinkable but to some degree this is a risk no matter what. You could dig a fresh well and find it contaminated with boron or arsenic or any number of other naturally occuring pollutants. Not to mention industrial run off.

When I had the well pump installed the mandatory water test came back with good news and bad news. The good news is that there isn't anything poisonous in the water. The bad news is that the turbidity (level of suspended matter) is almost 3000% above safe levels. So its basically like drinking mud.

The technician from the well drilling company said i will need to run it for at least 6 hours at a time as often as possible, "For a long time".

Well, without electricity yet thats a trick. So I wired the well control box with a 220 plug and took a generator out there to start flushing it out. I'll be down there as often as i can burning dead dinosaur goo to clean up my water. which is sort of funny when i think about it...

In the mean time, we wont be mixing drinks just yet but you're welcome to come over and take a bath... or fill up some water balloons, clean your car or all of the above....


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