Monday, June 23, 2014

Things we find on the property

Its not all work. Sometimes we get to have some fun too. And we find some pretty cool stuff laying around while we are waiting for the well to flush out 20 years of stagnant water (about 100 hours constant pumping)

Here are the highlights so far:

 Elk poop.
LOTS of elk poop.
This is great because it means I have a good piece of land for hunting. Or as it is better known: sitting-very-still-in-the-woods-for-hours-then-eating-peanut-butter-sandwhiches-before-going-home. 
nom nom nom
-     -     -

Beautiful arches of vine maple. 
This is one of my favorite features of the northwest landscape. The natural tree structures can grow into grand proportions of beauty looking like something right out of the Lord of the Ring movies. Believe it or not, this one thing makes purchasing this piece of land worth every penny.
But wait there's more! Vine Maple is also a very good wood for crafting bows. Yep, as in bows and arrows.
the two logs in the picture above are very nice examples of straight, relatively knot free staves which will cure for a few months before being subjected to my clumsy attempts at crafting a functional hunting weapon. previous attempts have resulted in varying degress of success:
-       -       -

Animal tracks. 
We found dear and Elk tracks as well as something canine. Realisticaly it was coyote but the 12 year old boy in me imagines it was a wolf.
 -     -     -

Maybe its just that ive spent my life in cities but i think there is something profound about finding the bones of a dead animal in the woods. I feel like im catching a glimpse of something that is at once very familiar yet beyond my understanding. The beauty of nature is matched only by its violence.


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