Tuesday, July 15, 2014

“...Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished..."

This is Niki:
It's not Bigfoot

She ended up in one of my pictures accidentally but now I wish I had a better picture. She was a very nice lady. She works for the county as a biologist and she came out to review my wetland habitat assessment and she gave me good news: everything seems to be in order.
Which means I am now ready to move to the next step in the permitting process: Septic plan approval! WHOO HOO!! 

Lots of things are slowly coming together at once, I can see them starting to align. 

Hopefully by the time Niki is finished with her report the well will be finished flushing which means I can get my water quality approved, the consultant I have doing the health and safety analysis will be done with their technical drawings, and the engineer will be finished revising the plans to meet the new state building codes implemented this year.

And THAT whole bundle will become the package I submit to the county for review in order to obtain BUILDING PERMITS!! Oh man I can taste it!

 All of this along with the completion of a real and true driveway and some solid-ish plans developing for getting a storage shed built this summer is feeling like a LOT of progress. I know its not an earthbag house which is why you 're all really here but bear with me! This shit takes time!
 Its so incredibly satisfying to see some shape to things start to form after months of slowly chipping tiny pieces off.

Now, because I'm in such a magnanimous mood, I feel compelled to share a confession:

I have to admit that most of my encounters thus far with government shills- oops i mean *employees*, has been very pleasant. I'm not being sarcastic. Really. Apparently not all government employees are baby eating vampires. Believe it or not.

Its hard to  hate the government and also admit that most people that work in government are nice people. Maybe 'hate' is too strong.

As an institution I think government is like the movie 'Old Yeller'. A beast that once had kind intentions,  corrupted by a terrible disease, turns on those it once loved and now must be put out of its misery.

Also like Old Yeller government is fiction. There really isnt such a thing as "Government" per se. There is only people. They are the same as you and me And for the most part they are good, well meaning souls. Why we even need a government when most people are good and How an institution filled with good intentioned people manages to become a frothing, psychotic nightmare is a much longer discussion...

For now, its enough to say that I think the good people in government are like the brain cells in the skull of a rabid dog. They have been hijacked by forces beyond their control and are helpless to re-direct the course of events. But they still want to help. The argument could be made that if they were really that great they would work to make the types of systemic changes we really need to fix things rather than enforcing senseless bureaucracies  but lets not ask for too much too fast. I'm in a REALLY good mood right now, just counting my blessing so dont harsh my mellow bro.

Anyway, getting permits to build a house can be a slow, arduous process under optimal circumstance and when you're building something that no one has ever heard of  it can be even more cumbersome. Ive made it a point to not spend too much time in this blog complaining about the convoluted B.S. hoops you have to jump through...
Like having to pay 1200$ for the county wetland habitat biologist to review the wetland habitat assessment I had done...by a county certified wetland habitat biologist...WHICH DOESNT MAKE ANY F**ING SENSE!!!!111DLJDSKJFDLK-

Woops, sorry, it got away from me there.

Like I was saying,

I've made the decision to try and see the individuals for who they are and not hold it against them for participating in  a monopoly of power. I get the impression that most of them know and understand this sh*t is CRAZY. Whenever I'm talking to one of them they seem to have this apologetic attitude and offer sympathetic nods and shrugs when a "WTF??" expression comes over my face. I suspect they see that expression a lot.

In pierce county there is a program in the office for land development where specialists from each department volunteer certain hours of their work week to meet with people as consultants to help them through the labyrinthine process of getting permits approved. This is INCREDIBLY helpful. and for that I have to say thanks.

So, thanks Niki. Thanks for not being an a**hole. People like you give me some hope that someday we might evolve out of the archaic, maladaptive systems we currently call "government".

Crazy sounding I know. But like i said..I'm in a really good mood.


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