Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There are a bunch of dirtbags living in my closet...

Here they are!

Thats a bundle of 1000  bags made of woven polypropylene thread, delivered by FedEx. More than enough to raise the walls of a small shed.
You really have to look because the package is pretty small and sort of covered up by a bunch of coats and a dog.
If you were looking for more proof that the unvierse is a simulation Then look no further then this photo. 
Im storing building materials in my coat closet. How could such a preposterous thing be "real"? 

If you were looking for a few laughs and you like to see people hurt themselves when buildings fall over then please subscribe to this blog. Chances are good that this part of the simulation may exist to serve as a warning to other players....



  1. Could you please provide some information on these bags? Where you ordered them from and what your opinions of the bags are after having some experience with them. Thank you.

    1. Hi thanks for reading!
      I ordered the bags from this place
      That is a VERY good price!
      After having built with the bags I can say it is a lot of work but from what I understand it is no harder than any other technique which uses heavy natural materials and probably a lot less work than a few of them.
      The biggest plus for earthbags is how easy and forgiving it is. You dont need any specialized knowledge or training to be able to use and build with them. You can learn everything you need to know from the resources I recommend in the "what is earthbag?" section found at the top of my blog. I also recommend watching all thee youtube videos you can find.
      I think there is a a lot of potential for the future as well. As more people build with earthbags there will be more demand for the innovations which are making it easier like this machine:
      All in all I am a huge fan of building with the bags not just for the immediate benefits but for the long term possibilities as well.