Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way you're right."

... The title of this post is a great quote to help remind us how much influence our preconceptions have on our reality. Our heads tend to fill with a lot of noise and so much of that noise is often doubt and uncertainty.

As I continue to press forward with the progress on getting permits for the house and with the construction of  the small shed I often catch myself wondering how I will ever finish all of this. "How can so much work possibly get done?" says the voice of uncertainty. When I find my mind going down those paths I pause with a breath, step off the trail, look around and try to remember where I really am: in the moment. All I really need to do is keep imagining the finished products, shaping them in my mind as if they were already real things. Then I can go back to focusing on what is in front of me, taking it one step at a time, slowly chipping away. It all sounds so cliche and hippy but it keeps me sane so who cares?

As a little exercise in staying focused on the goal I played around in Photoshop a bit, making a little picture of the house. I super-imposed the 3D model I made of the house onto a photo of the actual space where it will sit on the property. Then I collaged in some vegetable garden photos and with some fancy Photoshop filters I gave it all the effect of a little impressionist painting. It makes a nice visual aid to focus on when the self doubt starts creeping in

The 3D modeling software includes the image of a female figure to give some perspective on size. I think this really completes the picture as it reminds me of my girlfriend. I imagine her standing in the doorway, tapping her foot wondering, "where is that fool? I bet he forgot to get dog food again..." 

~ ~ ~

The shed progress continues

 I feel like I should make a clarification. In my last post about this project I estimated 2 weeks for the total time needed to finish however we are only working on Fridays and Saturdays! So that is 2 weeks worth of Fridays and Saturdays. So, 7 weekends. whew! What was that about slow and steady...something something something....
Anyway, last weekend saw two more rows added, the temporary door frame installed and the raising of a large tarp to protect the whole scene from rain and sun. Earthbags do not like to be exposed to sun for long periods of time. Even as little as a few weeks can be enough to make them brittle and rotting. Luckily the build site does not get hardly any direct sun and this tarp will do a lot to shade it further. The start of the rainy season setting in is almost a larger concern. I really picked a great time to start this project!

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