-Part, the first-
In 2012 I bought a piece of property with the intent of building  the first legally permitted earthbag house, eventually homesteading and slowly shaping my own life into a style which best reflects the type of changes in the world I hope for most deeply.
At its most simplistic this means decreasing the attachments to institutions which claim the right to demand my dependency, while increasing the attachments to voluntary associations that enrich my life.

To put it another way,  I think that saving the world starts and ends within the reaches of our own lives. Fooling ourselves into believing there is a brand of salvation that has universal appeal and the power to influence those beyond our immediate concern is a recipe for disaster. Your only concern should be for the group of people you choose to bring into your life. Those are your only obligations, everything else is folly and delusions of grandeur.

-Part, the second-
I would like to see this blog add to the body of evidence which supports the case that human beings are not the vile, cut-throat savages we can so easily come to see ourselves as when our only exposure to the elusive and infinitely faceted thing known as "human nature" is the evening news or emotionally charged political debates on social media sites. Two surefire ways of convincing yourself we are all going straight to hell.

There is a truth that stares us right in the face everyday, yet often goes unnoticed, perhaps because it is standing so close to us. The truth is that between one tragic horror and the next are vast spaces and those spaces are filled with the peaceful cooperation of people working together to get through the day, put food on the table and keep their families safe. When viewed in that light its hard for me to think that corrupt villainy is the default setting for the human operating system.
If it were how would we have come this far?

What we are faced with is a severe distortion of priorities. but the good news is that priorities can be readjusted. If it happened once it can happen again! I firmly believe we can get smart, we can make the kinds of decisions which can get the whole mess back on track.


  1. Bravo, you! If we weren't capable of cooperation, we'd have died out before finding agriculture. I recommend Rivkin's 'The Empathic Civilization', if you haven't seen it already.

    We are looking at decamping to WA, and are interested in earthbuilding (we visited CalEarth and were totally impressed.) However, we are not so young, and are wondering if there has been a community of 'mutual help' developing in this regard. Do you know of any such thing?

    I look forward to your posts!

    1. Hi sadie thanks for visiting!
      There is a small community of people interested in earthbag construction that I have slowly been becoming aware of in washington. There is no formal orgnization of these people though and I wish there was. Hmmm....we might be developing an idea for a new life mission here :)
      I have had a lot of help from people I found just by networking online though. places like facebook, permies.com, meetup.com, earthineer.com and through the blog here.
      Im sure that you can find a network as well and I would love to help in any way.

      I am also putting together a plan for purchasing some equipment that can greatly decrease the building time and labor needed without greatly increasing cost.
      If you like please see this post for more about that and I hope to see more of you!